Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

C&S Property Services has more than fifteen years’ experience in pressure washing. We know the area, we know the equipment and we can show you what pressure washing can do for you.

Pressure washing can clean the surfaces around a residence or business. After a Maryland winter, walkways, driveways, entrances and concrete surfaces can acquire a lot of stains. Aside from the usual oil stains, tire and exhaust marks, salt used to melt ice stains concrete and other surfaces. This is particularly the case with parking garages, which are stained with whatever car tires might bring in.

Any exterior surface of a building may need cleaning after a winter, from the accumulation of grime and dirt. Other seasons bring their own kind of debris, from pollen in spring to algae during the heat of a wet summer. We pressure wash both roofs and building exteriors.

Home Soft Washing Services

Our methods include soft washing, which uses light pressure and specially designed cleaners to do the job, rather than just blasting away with a high pressure hose. This prevents damage to several kinds of roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, and also prevents damage to siding. C&S Property Services has the equipment and the training to use it properly, soft washing is not a DIY project.

Pressure washing cleans other surfaces. Wooden fences can acquire grime and darken in sunlight, and all fences accumulate soot and surface dirt. Decks can accumulate grime as well, and cleaning them can prevent possible health issues relating to algae and mold. Learn more about our deck restoration services here.

Pressure washing keeps properties looking good. That’s important enough for houses, because good looking homes contribute to curb appeal and value. It’s also good business, because potential customers prefer clean, crisp looking businesses.

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