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Most people are aware that your property needs periodic cleaning, but house washing more than just performing a roof cleaning service. The algae that stains and discolors a roof can also affect the exterior walls. A Baltimore year can affect the outside of a home in many ways. Spring pollen, mineral stains from watering the lawn in summer, dust, suit and wind-blown dirt can accumulate. Algae can grow below window AC units. Debris can build up on rough surfaces like brick or stucco.

Washing cleans all of this. C&S Property Services uses a soft wash method, which combines specially formulated and environmentally safe cleansing agents and low water pressure to clean. This replaces the outdated method of blasting away at everything with powerful water pressure. The high pressure can clean well enough, but it has a tendency to also cause damage. It can loosen and otherwise damage siding, force water into cracks where it can remain long after washing, and it can harm painted surfaces.

What is House Washing?

Washing your house is not just a matter of the walls. Houses have porches, walkways, steps, entrances and driveways. We clean all of this, and while we do it, we are careful of plantings, decorations and fixtures.

C&S Property Services can wash the exterior of any home, regardless of the material. The process varies a little, depending on the kind of surface. Brick is a little different than vinyl siding, stucco is a little different than aluminum siding. Professional washing assures that the right combination of pressure and cleaners effectively clean your home. We recommend washing your house once a year, as part of good home maintenance. This will help your siding and paint look better and last longer.

A clean, fresh-looking home will keep the neighbors happy. And it will keep you happy, too. It will be nicer to come home to, and it protects your investment by retaining valuable curb appeal.

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