Snow and Ice Management

Snow and Ice Management

The Baltimore area averages 19 inches of snow every winter. But residents know that in some winters, one storm can deliver more snow than that in just a couple of days. It’s a good idea to be prepared. C & S Property Services specializes in snow and ice management.

Snow and ice can pose difficulty for multi-unit rentals and other properties, particularly walkways, parking areas and entrances and exits. Renters who can’t easily get to their cars or who can’t easily get into or out of the property are going to be unhappy renters. You need to contract with someone who is alert to weather conditions and ready to go.

Businesses need to deal with ice and snow immediately. Your employees need to be able to park and get to work, and your customers need to be able to park and get to your store. This is critical for all businesses, but particularly so for small businesses, restaurants and shopping malls. Snow can close a parking lot. Icy conditions, particularly when it’s right around freezing temperature, can create slush and watery areas that inconvenience customers. Anything that interferes with customers getting to your business gets in the way of your profits.

C & S Property Services has the equipment and experience to respond quickly. We’ve managed snow and ice in the Baltimore area for more than ten years, so we know when and how to respond. We specialize in immediate response to winter storms. Our services are available per hour or per inch of snowfall, or by seasonal contract. The seasonal contract offers you assurance that we will respond to your needs quickly and first.

Give us a call and we can assess how best to manage your snow and ice issues long before a snowflake shows up. We’ll offer a free estimate, and we think you’ll like the way C & S Property Service does business.

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