Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Baltimore area roofs do a lot of work. This region gets 45 inches of rain a year, and 19 inches of snow. Your roof keeps all that wet and cold outside, where it belongs. Your roof also keeps the heat out and the air conditioned air inside.

Roofs don’t get tired, but they do get dirty. Snow, ice and rain can combine with particles left by air pollution, dust, debris dropped by the wind, birds and squirrels to make a roof look really dirty. Wet spots can grow algae and mold, which can quickly discolor large patches of a roof. And you can’t hide a roof, if it gets dirty there it is for everyone to see. The solution is professional roof cleaning.

No two roofs are identical. There are several kinds of roofing material, including various kinds of shingles, tile, metal and other materials. The quality of materials and the quality of installation are factors, and other factors include the peaks and valleys, the wind direction, the proximity of trees and the degree of slope. No one method of cleaning works for every roof. That’s why experience is important.

Our technicians at C & S are experienced and skilled at cleaning. We use a soft wash method, which uses low pressure and appropriate cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your roof. This method replaces the outdated method of power washing with very high pressure. The old method could damage shingles and tiles, particularly if used by people with insufficient training.

Clean roofs have some real benefits. The roof will last longer and be less likely to need repair. A clean roof contributes a lot to curb appeal, which helps maintain property value. Neighbors will like it too, Besides, a house that looks good makes living there more pleasurable.

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