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C&S Property Service offers a full range of landscaping services, both to residential and commercial properties. We offer one-time services, or plans on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal basis.

Landscaping services is more than simply keeping the grass trim and the sidewalks neatly edged. It means paying attention to the mulch in flowers and other ornamental plantings, keeping it neat by raking.

Our Baltimore landscaping services means trimming hedges, trimming ornamental and flowering bushes, and trimming foliage and plantings next to structures. It means cleaning out dead stalks and branches. And it may mean emergency services following a storm, to clean up fallen branches and windblown debris.

Baltimore winters can be rough on landscaping. Shoveling or snow blowing can damage lawns near walkways, and trucks plowing snow can damage lawns and plantings near driveways and entrances. Add an accumulation of blown down twigs and branches, and you can see why a landscaping may need a spring cleanup.

Maryland Landscaping at It’s Finest

C&S Property Services are the specialists in landscaping. Our clients include restaurants and businesses that have only a little lawn, and some landscaping close to the store. Other clients include multi-unit rental sites and condominiums that may have extensive lawn and decorative plantings. Our clients also include property management firms that manage rental and lease properties, who find it efficient to contract with one company to manage landscaping for many properties.

Just like stained roofs and dirty concrete, landscaping is a factor in the curb appeal of a property or business. Scruffy looking plantings and
deteriorating lawns can make any residence or business look bad. We’re in the business of making your landscaping look good, which makes you look good.

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