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Exterior decks are a cool way to increase the recreational value of your home. They’re a considerable investment, though, and require regular maintenance. The kind of maintenance will vary a little depending on what the deck is made of. Composite materials weather differently from cedar and other kinds of wood. Experienced professionals know the proper methods for cleaning and sealing different kinds of decks.

Decks get dirty. They face rain, ice and snow, falling leaves, cobwebs, bird debris, and anything blown by the wind. Then there’s what guests, kids and residents spill on or track on, everything from spilled drinks to dribbled ketchup. There are other factors, too. UV rays cause greying, and changing temperatures can pop nails and cause warping and cupping. Winters can be rough on decks.

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Decks can be difficult to clean. Dirt can easily accumulate in the spaces between deck boards, and where the vertical elements supporting railings meet the flat surface. The underside of decking can also need cleaning.

The best way to maintain an exterior deck is to have it pressure cleaned yearly. Your deck may also to be restained and resealed. We at C&S Property Services suggest that you spray a little water on the deck; if it beads up, your sealant is working. If the droplets are absorbed into the wood, it’s time to clean, restain and reseal your deck.

When it comes to residential pressure washing, it must be done with care. Too high a pressure can damage your deck. After a careful and thorough washing, the deck should dry for a couple of days before a stain is applied. Depending on what you prefer,we apply all types of stains, whether solid (Paints) or transparent (oils) to your deck .

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